What I Really Wanted


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I'm not sure if it's the Eastern culture that's gotten into me, but I surely hate it when I get something that I didn't really want in the first place yet I do nothing about it.

I'd be so devastated inside, yet I wouldn't be able to say a word (and I blame it on this so called culture where we're taught to respect others and thus appreciate whatever they give us).

It doesn't feel right.
I don't necessarily believe all of their judgments of me, I know who I am inside -and it irks me that they can't see it.

You just have to trust yourself, be brave, and say what you want out loud.
Sometimes I think, it's not that they wouldn't hear me -they just couldn't hear what I was saying. And it is more likely that we blame it on others too much when in reality it is us who aren't speaking up.

And you know what I hate most?
Staying silent yet again despite knowing all of the above.

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