I can't think of a proper title for this one but here it goes;

I do not know where I stand, halfway into the second semester of my college life. I thought, I'd at least have an idea of what my favorite course is.

I don't, really.
I've been feeling really empty and sometimes I just walk into the class for the sake of my attendance. So it's quite a breath of fresh air when I could find myself get immersed in one of my courses, like last Thursday in economics.
(It's economics and techno-economics, and yes, I'm not supposed to be taking this class until next year but I'm just greedy like that- ha)

At one point, the lecturer asked us:
"We're learning about economics, and economics, basically is about maximizing the profit with the minimum amount of resource -but, do you think it's fair?"

True, that's what we know from taking previous economics classes in high school. Yet, I have never heard someone put it that way. I mean, fair or not?

I was never one to like philosophical motions in a debating competition, so let's just look at it the easy way.

Let's say a guy wants an out of the world beautiful girlfriend, and now he feels like he's found the one.

That beautiful girl (without wanting to generalize us girls, here this is just an example), she probably needs a whole set of makeup, weekly check-ups scheduled with her dermatologist, and head-to-toe routine treatments in the salon. You can't expect her to look as flawless without you spending your money on her needs, can you?

That's only for looks, what about the money that goes for each date you take her to? What about the energy you use to impress her by winning a football game? Or the time you invest in her so that the two of you can get more intimate?

Getting the exact one you want does need a relatively big amount of resources (sacrifices, if I were to put it more nicely), and if you're not up for that? You might want to consider lowering your standards.

And that, pretty much applies to everything we face.

I want better grades.
I can't possibly hope for my grades to get better magically, I have to allocate more of time for studying and less for complaining.
I want to be more sociable.
Friends don't come falling from the sky, I have to go out of my comfort zone and learn to accept people more.

I'm trying my best to take a lesson from each and every course, even when they might only be a new perspective on the lamest of economics' definition -but that's when I actually learn, and I might just figure it all out soon.

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