Life to A 19-Year Old


I thought I'd get used to it by now, being rejected. Being so disappointed of myself.
Apparently not.
It still bites. It prickles behind my eyes, but I just can't seem to cry it out. Not when I brought this upon myself.

You know how a single day can turn upside down? I think I do, too well. And by far this could be one of my worst's.
I feel so bad and all I want is warm hugs and my family comforting me, supporting me. But people get tired. People are not computer who gives the exact same respond when given the same stimulus.

I am tired too.
I somewhat agree that I might have bitten more than I can chew.
That's because I believe you'll succeed if you work hard enough. I am working hard. I am running around as if my head was on fire, I am looking for any consolation -to convince my heart that we have done it. Enough to give me the leisure to rest.

Today I learned.
There is no such thing in life.
That's why rest in peace is only written on the stones, not in birthday cards.

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