to be continued when I find the answer


I was hopping through multiple tabs on my laptop this morning before I settled on scrolling through my LinkedIn's homepage, saw a few job updates from my seniors or my peers who were just starting off their internship.

My friends updated things they learn from workshops or shared questionnaires as a part of their internship's project and here I am ranting in a blog post about my very quiet, somewhat uninteresting intern life. It's my 4th week and I'm not doing anything revolutionary. Within the first two days of internship, I was just skimming through their SOP's and guidebooks. The following day - I was given administrative work, checking whether or not the procurement documents were complete. This dragged on for three long, dreadful weeks of zero excitement. There were days I didn't even have to think and just let my eyes scan robotically through them, jot down some notes, put the papers back in the folder, and repeat.

Once I asked a fellow intern in my division (who started out earlier) about what they do/were in charge of. Displayed in front of me was an online monitoring system that was not interconnected between the users and serve only to store documents. At that point I became hopeless.

Is there really nothing I can do here?
Anything that screams I'm an engineering student whose major's tagline is to make things better.

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